Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

Just a quick note this time. I wanted to suggest that we might be in for an interesting Summer with regard to predators in general. A couple weeks ago Ranger and I spotted what could only have been an immature bald eagle. While telling my neighbour about it, he told me his “birder” friend positively identified a pair of golden eagles, and just yesterday, the wife and I saw a peregrine falcon close enough to be identified without the need of our binoculars. We’ve also seen rather large weasel footprints, crossing a remote bridge over the Ganaraska river. The few bush trails that are accessible are littered with branches downed by the December ice storm which have been stripped of bark by rabbits (indicated by the ever-present, distinct droppings).

Now, I’ve been a naturalist my entire life and I’ve never seen bald nor golden eagles in S. Ontario, and I would never expect to see a peregrine just north of Port Hope. So, I just wanted to let you know about these sightings should you see something you can’t believe. There are alot of unexpected predators showing up, and with the bumper crop of lagomorphs this year thanks to plentiful food, I’m expecting to see more impressive predators. Bye for now,


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  1. Bushwacker's LilSis · · Reply

    Heard on the news of a black panther sighting in our area. I was skeptical until there were others that had seen it too. Guessing now someone’s pet escaped or maybe it escaped the Toronto Zoo and headed up to Muskoka to live in a more natural habitat.


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