Highbush Cranberries

Ranger and I were trying to ID a tree down a dead end backroad, when I decided to gather some highbush cranberries and take them Home to cook up and taste.  There’s such a huge yield this year that if I like them,  I want to collect as many as I can while the pickin’s good.  So I cut a few clusters off a bush right across the road from the tree and placed them in the back of the truck.  The next night I figured I’d cook up a small batch of them.  Holy Crapamole !  Do those things stink !  I couldn’t decide whether the steam rising off the pot smelled more like a high school gym locker room, or a Russian sailor’s laundry hamper.  ‘Course then, the Wife quips up a cheapshot questioning whether I’ve got my athlete’s foot under control yet.

That was the first lesson, ventilate the room while cooking them up.  The next lesson was, make sure you’ve got the right species of highbush cranberry.  After adding enough sugar to cause the juice to congeal into an solid mass in the bottom of the pot (No the Wife hasn’t seen that yet), I realized no amount of sugar would take that BITTER taste out of those berries.  So I did a much more extensive I’Net search and found I’d collected the wrong species.  But take heart, I think I know where to find the right ones and I’ll try them tomorrow.  It’ll probably take that long for the solid mass of crap in the bottom of that unfortunate pot to loosen up anyway.

Now, one might question what kind of scientist doesn’t even fully research his subject before diving in head first ?  Well I can tell you.  I’m a retired scientist.  I studied my subjects before acting on them for over 30 years, and now … I don’t have to.  No one’s paying me to follow established procedures.  No one cares if what I try to do actually works.  No one’s job, nor millions of dollars rests on my success or failure.  I don’t have to care anymore, and so, I don’t.  Gotta love this retirement gig eh ?!  What a scam !


** Please see Highbush Cranberries 2 – the Sequel for the next posting on this subject **


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